The studio is able to offer top quality 24bit 96khz Digital Recording onto PC, including good quality microphones, a comprehensive range of compressors, eq, mixing and mastering software. The studio has been built with a lot of research into soundproofing and acoustics so is very quiet,

Seaside Studio aims to provide clients with a high quality recording solution in a supportive and friendly environment, whilst providing guidance and advice on performance and recording techniques.  Nick can also provide his services as a musician, playing Drums, Piano, Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone and flute.
saxophone and flute lessons with Snake Davis)   who is a fantastic Musician.

The studio has a nice relaxed atmosphere and is ideal for Acoustic Music but all types and styles are welcome. A good set of  tuned drums is available for recording use.

(Control Room) Piano 2nd Mix Station
Mixing Desk
Recording Drums at Seaside Studio