Come inside

The studio has two rooms, the recording room has been set up to achieve a natural sound, low frequency is controlled by bass traps in the ceiling which have been designed to the size of the room. On one wall there is ceramic tiles, these help to stop the room from deadening the sound too much, the remaining three walls are covered with rock wool and finished in Hessian. Isolation is achieved by the two rooms being built totally independent of each the other. 

The Control room:- The emphasis here is to break up the high frequencies adequately to produce a balanced sound. The back wall (behind the listener), is tongue & grooved pine, slightly angled to a central point. The front wall is made up again of rock wool and Hessian, with a viewing window into the recording room, again there are bass traps in the ceiling down the centre of the room. To each side of these there is a similar idea to the back wall, this creates a detailed listening and recording environment.

Control Room Frequency Response
Control Room Main Mix Station
Recording Room